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Before being a migrant, Yasir had a profession

In their home country, they used to be a potter, cabinet maker, carpenter, or couturier. In France, they become forklift operator, cleaner, safety guard, cashier… Their expertise, sometimes a result of several years of training, is often is consigned to oblivion.


Migrant and journalist, from Asmara of Eritrea to Bapaume of France

Fabrice, French journalist of Voix du Nord, formed a friendship with Mohamed, Sudanese refugee, ancient journaliste in his country. He decided to bring him to his work to show to his friend how journalists work in France. Today’s issue? Making a portrait of the gunsmith of Bapaume, in Pas-de-Calais.  


For truck drivers, the road from Calais to England is now cleared

The daily routine of truck drivers who go through Calais wasn’t always easy. They were threatened by migrants who tried to get to England at any price: They burnt barricades, threw stones, used sticks and sometimes knives… After the dismantling, the roads to the port in Calais are clear. The profession can breathe.


An unbelievable story of school computers of Calais Jungle

Quite ironic ceremony in the school of Calais Jungle. Whereas there are no more migrants in the camp, which was completely demolished, a marvelous computer was delivered. It was a donation from Credit social des Fonctionnaires. When the inauguration was celebrated, teachers who had been worked with ridiculously few means in the Jungle are left […]


The Jungle’s laic school lives on

Zimako Mel Jones built the école laïque du chemin des Dunes in 2015. He watched hopelessly as the camp was destroyed during its evacuation. But for him, the school lives on through his pupils and his memories.


French minister of the Interior : “A profound gratitude for this dismantling”

France is a land of asylum, the government carried out a humanitarian operation… It is essentially a message of satisfaction that has been delivered by the minister of the Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve, who took the time to come to Calais not only to thank his troops but also to congratulate himself and attempt to refute […]


The reconversion of the Auberge des migrants

Despite lots of migrants having left the Calais Jungle, the migrant crisis continues to be a problem that requires rapid humanitarian response. While, for the volunteers at the migrant camp, the adventure is far from being over, with donations coming from all over the world, the NGO, Auberge des migrants has decided divert a part […]


The post jungle period

There is nothing left in the jungle of Calais. The church, the last standing building was destroyed, and the Jules Ferry’s center was emptied of its last occupants.


There are still migrant camps in the Calais area.

Reporting from Tatinghem; a camp constructed in 2009 well before the Calais Jungle. Here the refugees, most of whom are Afghani, are determined to go to Britain. In the camp they sleep in rows of cabins they built themselves. Many aid workers and inhabitants walk by all the time. A French NGO, Emmaüs offers them […]


Paris: opening of the first refugee camp

It is an unprecedented event in the French capital, a few days after the process of resolution of “jungle” camp in the Stalnjard: A huge balloon hall opened it’s doors to immigrants on Thursday, November 10, near the Porte de la Chapelle.


In Calais, the Police launch a migrant hunting

Now, Jungle is gone. Theoretically, the police force should be relieved a bit. But in reality, in order to deter a new jungle from installing in the region, the Police on borders (PAF) are now solicited more than ever before.


First lesson for refugees accepted at the university of Lille

80 refugees and asylum seekers who had been in the Jungle of Calais started their intensive French course in the university of Lille. The objectif of these new students, whose minimal level of education is high school graduate, is to master the French language by June.


The camp of Grande Synthe and the end of the Calais jungle

Minimizing the number of shelters on the one hand, welcoming the defectors from Calais on the other : the Grande-Synthe camp, now welcoming more than a million migrants, is compelled to keep the balance between generosity and reality facing the demolished jungle’s overflow.


Calais Jungle : A lone horse rider

He had aroused controversy on the Internet crossing over the Jungle on the horseback… Jean-François Gratien had difficulty supporting stealing and confrontations around his horse riding center.