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The last inhabitant in the Jungle Calais

At the beginning of 2016, the French Government invested 20 million of euros to create, in the middle of Jungle camp, a temporary reception center with containers, showers and social feedback.


Before being a migrant, Yasir had a profession

In their home country, they used to be a potter, cabinet maker, carpenter, or couturier. In France, they become forklift operator, cleaner, safety guard, cashier… Their expertise, sometimes a result of several years of training, is often is consigned to oblivion.


Migrant and journalist, from Asmara of Eritrea to Bapaume of France

Fabrice, French journalist of Voix du Nord, formed a friendship with Mohamed, Sudanese refugee, ancient journaliste in his country. He decided to bring him to his work to show to his friend how journalists work in France. Today’s issue? Making a portrait of the gunsmith of Bapaume, in Pas-de-Calais.  


Jungle of Calais: Love has no borders

Béatrice from Calais and Mukhtar, Iranian refugee fell in love last spring, when she decided to offer him a safe house. But Mokhtar never abandoned his dream of UK.


“Calais’s Angels” in Jungle say farewell to migrants

They are called “Charlie’s Angels”. Everyday at 6 o’clock in the evening, Claire, Violaine and Annick come to Jungle to distribute meals. Today, they say goodbye to their friends in the jungle, clearly not without emotion. But at the same time, they know that they still have a long way to go to say farewell […]


Shafuilah, a teenage dream of Britain

A the age of 16, Shafuilah decide to escape Kabul and the war in Afghanistan. His story is one of tenacity. Shafuilah travelled through multiple countries to end up sleeping under a tent in Calais, where thousands like him are increasingly desperate to make the trip across the channel into the UK by sneaking on-board […]

Terry et Sandra

Sandra and Tariq, Syrian refugees and journalists

Sandra and Tariq escaped Syria where they used to work for the Damascus television. Political refugees in France, they joined the jungle news project to help migrants to share their views about their situation.