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Calais; Zero Migrant Operation.

The migrants are back in Calais. A growing influx despite the relentless fight put up by the police. Instructions: stop the migrants coming at any cost. The NGOs that are trying to offer them help, especially when they first arrive in town, are demoralised by police methods.


Paris can no longer take the influx of refugees

Since the opening of the ‘bubble’ last 10th November, a centre that welcomes migrants at the Porte de la Chapelle in Paris, there are no signs that the flow of migrants entering the centre is going to slow down any time soon.


WIFI, migration’s indispensable ally.

Disappeared children, separated couples … For refugees, exodus is too often followed by families’ tragedy. Entire Family is torn appart. Sadly, these migrants do not have any way to get nor give news of their relatives. Some of them have their own telephones, but they do not have SIM card, no data. That’s why a […]

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Religion, a pathway to integration?

We have been following the refugees from the CAO (Reception and Orientation Centre) of Gélos, in the suburbs of Pau, since their evacuation from the Calais Jungle. After several months in the Pyrenees, they start forging relationships with the local community. An important place for these Muslims is the local mosque in Pau.


Christmas evening of migrants

It might be the most warmly welcoming center in France. Since the eviction in Calais, some migrants are welcomed in Croisilles, Northern France, by numerous volunteers and certain generous population. Some have prepared a simple, joyful and happy Christmas meal.


[Béziers, France] Right of Asylum difficult to access

Béziers, this middletown of Southern France is known for it’s mayor, Robert Ménard, well-known far-right French politician. He is famous for his provocative remarks about foreigners. Nevertheless, Béziers has long tradition of receiving migrants. And today, some refugees coming from Calais Jungle are also staying in Béziers.


Before being a migrant, Yasir had a profession

In their home country, they used to be a potter, cabinet maker, carpenter, or couturier. In France, they become forklift operator, cleaner, safety guard, cashier… Their expertise, sometimes a result of several years of training, is often is consigned to oblivion.